Snowdays in Nebraska – feels like Winter-break

Hi, Haraldmeetsworld-readers and other randoms stopping by! This week I was jealous of my home-country Norway where they had the whole week off as a result of winter break. To me this sounded unfair but I have come the enjoy the weather predictions in the US due to this. Monday we had presidents day off and I had an awesome lunch-date as I described in Norwegian then. It was fabulous, good food and an awesome person I shared it with! Moreover to this post; Tuesday and Wednesday we had school. It felt terrible going there and learning while I saw people in Norway either skiing or posting statuses about how awesome it was with a winter-break. I love learning but I might have to take the side of the winter break before school I would admit. The good news of this week regarding days off school comes yesterday and today when our heavenly father has blessed up with a ton of snow here in Nebraska. I am situated in a little city called Raymond outside of Lincoln, the capital here and we have a ton of snow. Due to this school at Lincoln-Lutheran has been canceled these two days making it a long break from wednesday to monday. This was exactly what I needed to recover from studies and focus on rehabilitation from studies and have fun in the snow!

Yesterday with my first snow day I started out by watching the movie «Nacho Libre» with my host-brothers and Jack Black fighting down in Mèxico. It was a fun movie and I came to watch two more that day; Matrix I and II. I love watching movies, it is tons of fun! Yesterday I also had the opportunity to step out of common courtesy regarding gender roles as me and my host-brother Josh made cookies. Most of you maybe think; you (harald) making cookies? That makes no sense, but oh well I am a surprising person I guess! Later yesterday I found myself out in the snow wrestling with my host-brothers, playing snow-soccer (tons of fun!) and playing hide and seek at our property. It was a cool experience but fairly cold! When the night came closer, we all played board-games and watched TV together. Mostly TV shows such as «Survivior» and Storage Wars. Both shows are fun to watch and I don`t have access to them in Norway so I enjoy watching them.

Of of the best parts of my week was waking up today around 7:30 and finding out that we had no school. I jumped up and down and was literally in cloud 9. It was pretty awesome and I`m still excited as I am writing this post right now. I am gonna enjoy this time highly as I will with the rest of my time in the US! It has been a blessed journey so far with tons of good memories and I am eager to create more memories. Thanks God for blessing my journey so far and the acknowledgement I can find in you sending your only son to die for me at the cross. I live in that truth every day and I am happy to be your son here on earth. Bless my journey continuously as you`ve done so far and let´s have tons of fun together!

– Blessings to all folks out there wherever you might be in this world from myself Harald in Nebraska – exchange student in Lincoln, NE 2012/2013!


2 thoughts on “Snowdays in Nebraska – feels like Winter-break

  1. Hei, smilte og lo da jeg leste blogginnlegget ditt! Håpte på at du ville få noen Snow days! Skulle gjerne smakt på småkakene dine også! Blir alltid så glad for de fine tingene du fletter inn om tro og det å leve i Guds velsignelser!! 🙂 m

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