Soccer season 2013 is started for LL Warriors

Good day all my friends around the world! Today is a happy day for me; I have finally started my soccer-season playing for Lincoln-Lutheran Warriors with my first practice. I have played the sport of my life since I could barely walk and I am so blessed with gifts from God regarding soccer. I am happy to use these gifts this season together with good friends and team-mates on my team. I have a really good feeling about this season not solely because we have a great time, but because God is with us, it`s so easy to see! From today through the season, we have a goal; to glorify him through our playing and show his love, as he has for us sending his only son to die for us to others. The mission field of ours is the soccer pitch and we are warriors for God playing the game with joy for the game but more for God`s all-together wonderfulness. I am a guy who loves soccer; played for many years, seen tons of games live and on TV, probably 1000s during my lifetime. However as I am growing up, I am realizing somethings more and more; soccer is utterly temporary with all it`s joys, it`s of this world and God is eternal. Through his life we have been saved by Christ cause he is the way, the truth and the life. I enjoy soccer as anyone else, but it is truly when I am playing for Christ, his values, principles and approach to the game that I find myself playing for a purpose. Not winning solely, but evangelizing on a blessed ground like the soccer pitch is. As humans we are created to spread the gospel of Christ to the world, proclaiming it as we call it in Christian Ethics class. I do this through soccer, someone does it through singing or playing an instrument. We all have different talents that God has blessed us with. As I am starting this season I am excited not only to play soccer, but to be together with God in this season. An awesome cooperation is gonna be performed on the field as we look to bring people home through soccer and spreading of the gospel! Thank you for reading and think about if you have accepted what Christ did for you, I don`t want to force anything upon anyone but it`s essential for your life that you understand your role in this world. And you do this solely by knowing what Christ did for you and that you are free.

Have a blessed week!

– Harald 


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