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Easter in US 2013

Hi folks, Christ is risen! Think about it, today is the today everyone knows about it from newspapers and church-services. However, we should know about it everyday since its the key to eternal salvation and everlasting life! 🙂 I am in this post explaining shortly my easter 2013 in Nebraska and the important universal fact … Les videre

Påske/Easter in Nebraska 2013

Hi and happy easter! Today is maundy thursday and I am sitting in study hall in room 101 at Lincoln-Lutheran at N56th street in Lincoln, NE. This post will be describing a bit about my easter-plans and more importantly why we celebrate easter and the importance of this. I will not in norwegian but in … Les videre

Soccer game against Seward High!

Hi and welcome to my little cozy environment called Haraldmeetsworld where I explain my daily life in this world and now in the US as an exchange student! 🙂 Now I am sitting at school in English-class. Bored as crap, I am writing a blog-post due to my big need for a break! Today I … Les videre

First soccer game of the season!

Hi folks wherever you are in the world! I am super-excited for this post. Today we had our first Soccer game in the season for Lincoln-Lutheran Warriors. I was excited for our season to start and especially to get that Game-day feeling back I have missed quite a lot. Today I had a great American … Les videre

St. Patrick`s day in US and 2 months with my American girl

Hola amigos, qué tal? Today is the St.Patrick`s day, the 17th of march 2013 in America. Most people without Irish descent view this as the biggest drunkfest throughout the year with the slogan «Irish-today, hungover tomorrow». I like St.Patrick`s day but more because  I find Irish culture interesting and I love irish music. Songs such … Les videre