March has started – new month – new opportunities

G`day mate as they say in Australia and welcome to my first post in march, an honor isn`t it? Just kidding. Today is the 2nd of march and I will explain two things today; how I have enjoyed being a norwegian abroad until this day and how I am looking forward to a future in this world with God in control and an eternity with him in heaven.

Thursday was a long day! A very long day where I had jazz-band in the morning so I woke up at 5 o`clock and then I went towards Lincoln-Lutheran from Raymond, NE. With school, weightlifting, soccer-practice, blue-ice and homework this was a possible day where the devil had an opportunity to get into my mind with discouragement but God had other plans for me and others this day. Through this day I had several conversations regarding general revelation with people that God blessed through my words and actions towards others. First in Jazz-band I did my homework and fulfilled my vocational role as a Lincoln-Lutheran student though I was tired that morning, this for me was general revelation because I wanted to illustrate and honor God`s love by doing my homework to honor him and his love by sending his own son to death at the cross so my sake. I cannot express this action since I am pure sinfulness in human form, but as I am keeping my life close to God, I find myself understanding small pieces of God`s love with excitement for what`s ahead when he is in charge.

This day thursday was the departure day for Victoria since she was leaving to St.Louis for the weekend. To again attempt to fulfill my God-given vocation as a boyfriend I wanted her to feel special as she is to me as an illustration of God`s gracious love this day. To explain what I did, I had to back up till wednesday at super-saver in Fallbrook. It was 8 o`clock at night and I went to super-saver to buy Victoria a gift prior to her departure. I bought some candy to illustrate how she had different talents but they worked together good as the candy did though it had different taste. This day was suppose to be a minefield of devilish attempts to make me feel bad and discouraged, but God used his love for me, the love in which he sent his son to die for me at the cross. I am saved in him and I explained this fact several ways throughout this day as a fruit of the spirit living in me. I love how God uses the worst days to be the best, he is all-together knowledgeable and pure love as 1. John explains «Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.»

Yesterday was a nice day as well with several nice moments contained given by God. At school I found myself solving Algebra 2-problems at a Radicals-test which was in itself hard but I had done good preparation so it turned out fine. I furthermore learned about WWII in US History, Spanish verbs and language in Spanish 4 and sociological aspects of society in Sociology last period of the day. I enjoyed being a student at Lincoln-Lutheran, though it is hard sometimes. God has given me the opportunity to come to US and be a student here so I want to do well to honor this vocational role as a student in US. After school this day I had soccer-practice which was a ton of fun. I love playing the sport of my life and including Christ in our practices and purposes for playing is for me a good equation and inspiration for playing the game invented by the British in late 1800s. After practice I had some free-time at school I spent with a friend of mine named Dakota. We edited a video I cannot tell the content of yet but it was a ton of fun. We edited the video at a food-place called Dairy Queen in Lincoln. They serve a lot of good food from burgers, hot-dogs, ice-cream etc; it`s generally a good place to eat! Later this night I found myself at fun-night at Lincoln-Lutheran which was not surprisingly quite fun! Fun Night is a concept where students can come to school, play some Dodgeball, dance at a disco, play video-games and get snacks. I had a good time playing board-games, eating candy and dancing with everyone there. I am not a professional dancer in any way but it was still fun to dance with everyone from seniors to freshmen at the disco. I love dancing though I am not the best.

Today is saturday and I have not done much yet. I will be doing quite a bit of homework so for the readers`sake I will not explain to much about that. I will also have a blue-ice dance practice today followed by a soccer-practice. Blue-ice performance will be monday when all the senior boys will be performing a dance together with the Lincoln-Lutheran dance time, «the blue angels». Soccer will also be fun I believe, so I want to do my best in both practices and otherwise today will be a relaxing day I believe. I also just watched Manchester United winning 4-0 over Norwich with my Shinji Kagawa jersey on. #26 scored a hat-trick today and I am excited to see how far he can go with the team. Kagawa is a good player who will continue I believe to make the team better with his good «ninja-skills».

I hope you`ve enjoyed reading as I have enjoyed writing, have a lovely weekend and remember to send prayers to God in stressful times and thankful prayers when things are going good. He is in control and he loves un graciously so much that he sent his son to die for us since we are sinful by birth since the Garden of Eden. It is hard to imagine how much influence this can have at a person`s live but it is as crucial as eating your breakfast to give prayers in the morning in my life at least. Blessings from Harald, a tall blonde «feda-gutt» in Nebraska!



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