Wednesday and stressful times in US

Hi there, how`re you doing? I am doing good though I am very busy at the moment. This week has been very stressful yet fun and entertaining. This weekend I had soccer-practices, went out to a place called Cici`s pizza and Valentino`s where you could get buffet for under 10 $. That`s not possible to find in Norway, noway! Monday I had a soccer practice, we are mostly practicing touches with the ball and 1 vs 1 duels with the ball so far. For me, it`s fairly repetitive but yet necessary to be able to do good in upcoming games. Later that night I had a cool experience with something here called «blue-ice». This is a dance-show the senior-boys are participating in together with the school`s Dance-team «Blue Angels». It was so much fun as we took on wierd costumes and did fairly well I would say!

Yesterday I had practice at 18.00 (local time). I had therefore some time after school to do homework, hang out with friends and go out to eat at Subway which was nice. We also had a very good school-chapel yesterday about the season of Lent and the importance of recognition in our role as sinners in this world and need for Christ in our lives.

Today we have a late start (finally!) and school starts at 9:45 instead of 8:00. I am therefore now using some time writing @haraldmeetsworld and working for my US government test today. We are studying Congress and Senate and it is very interesting yet hard to get all the knowledge down in my 2nd language.

Have a good rest of the week and i`ll try to update here on what I am doing! Best regards from Harald in Nebraska! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wednesday and stressful times in US

  1. Hei, forstår dagene løper avgårdet! Stykket i Treklang kom i posten i går:-) Håper du skriver litt på norsk også! Følg med på mailen din, litt viktig info ang sommerjobb! Ønsker deg en forsatt god uke, håper prøven i går gikk greit! snakkes klem m:-)

    • så koselig med treklang, gleder meg til å lese! jeg vil skrive på norsk også men tenker at det er viktig å skrive på engelsk slik at når jeg beskriver ting om Gud så kan alle lese og få det med seg. Har opplevd at uventede folk jeg ikke kjenner har fått dette med seg med at jeg skriver på engelsk så synes det er litt nyttig! 🙂

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