Soccer Uniforms and Taylor Swift Concert English post

Hey friends from all around the world!

I have an interesting and fun post to write today. To satisfy both Norwegians and others reading my posts, I wrote one post in Norwegian and now one in English. Since my last post, I have had soccer practices and a lot of schoolwork. The two most excited things happening I will explain here today.

The first exciting thing happened is that my Lincoln-Lutheran Soccer uniform with #19 on the back has arrived! I am excited for our season and my first game saturday in York, NE against York High.



Another exciting fan happening that those not interested in soccer might enjoy to read about happened yesterday. Together with norwegians and some Americans I went to a Taylor Swift concert at the Century Link Center in Omaha, NE. It was a ton of fun with a good show she gave us worth the 80 $ it costed. Yesterday in Omaha was TS`s first show of her «Red World Tour» where she goes around the world playing her new album «Red». She did a great job and I enjoyed it a lot though I am not the biggest T-Shift fan out there. Pictures shown are taken from the concert by her team-crew.





One thought on “Soccer Uniforms and Taylor Swift Concert English post

  1. Gøy å se deg med ny drakt! Fint at du fikk med deg konserten med TS også, håper V også var m! take care! 🙂 m

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