First soccer game of the season!

Hi folks wherever you are in the world! I am super-excited for this post. Today we had our first Soccer game in the season for Lincoln-Lutheran Warriors. I was excited for our season to start and especially to get that Game-day feeling back I have missed quite a lot. Today I had a great American experience winning 1 – 0 against Crete. This day we played (Crete) was interesting in many ways. The most interesting and new experience was that they had all players with Hispanic/Latino heritage on their team. I found that interesting and kinda exotic to play them with their «tiki-taka» style of soccer and dribbles centralized in the culture. The huge amount of Latinos in Crete is due to a location of a Meatpacking-plant that they have there that attracts many people seeking cheap labor.

It was a lot of fun playing, both team had a lot of chances so 1-0 is not reflective upon the game in that sense. I played some different positions, Left wing mostly but also a bit forward and central midfielder. I love «wingy» the most but the other ones work too I guess. It was also exciting to play together with Americans and fellow «internationals» from Vietnam. We have a good connection since we`re kinda in the same boat being foreign to US, but we have 7 Vietnamese people at our team. They are all fairly good playing and very friendly to me always!

I had a lot of fun today as we won against Crete. I am looking forward to the next game against Seward High from Seward, NE. This is where Victoria lives so hopefully she`ll be at the game and also another cool thing is that a college coach there from Concordia Nebraska is coming to scout me and look at how I do so I am excited for that. I am pumped for a new game next week, until then I need to practice hard, do my best and honor God in everything I do. Acknowledge my sinfulness and need for Christ in my life as I am playing soccer or doing something else. Though soccer is fun and important, Christ is the only solution for eternal life! Thank you for reading, showing interest in Haraldmeetsworld and enjoy your week!



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