Palm-sunday 2013+ a match-winning Norwegian Viking against sissy Vikings

Hi folks and happy palm sunday wherever you are in the world! The easter season is now upon is, remember what it`s really about. Not candy, gifts or eggs but Christ dying for our sins due to our sinfulness. However over to the post of today:

Friday we played our second soccer-game against Waverly at Vikings Park in Waverly, NE. Their team is claimed to be the Waverly Vikings yet they were not of Viking blood at all. Sissy American Vikings is my perception. I am a viking though I have colorful pants and funny hair according to most Americans. In this game we were supposed to win huge due to our different rankings throughout time. At half-time however we were down 2-1 and after a horrible first half we felt terrible. In the second half however, we played better and we scored 3 goals to win 4-2. Our team captains scored 2 of these 3 goals, one of them is a center-back and one is a striker. I played different positions throughout the game from left Midfield to right midfield to striker. I had surprisingly most success at Right Wing where I went inwards and had some successful shots at goal. I scored our match-winning goal when we got up 3-2 against Waverly «Vikings». I find it funny that they are the Vikings but oh well. My goal was pretty cool, I scored directly from a corner where I curled it in and through the line of people in front of the goalie. It went straight into the top corner right passed the goalie so it was pretty cool! I have with that scored my first goal in American soccer! I played 85 minutes of the 90 minute game so I am happy to get trusted by my coach to do a good job out there!

Yesterday was kind of a boring day. I went into Lincoln and bought a new pair of shoes, converse All-Star Red ones. I also watched some basketball-matches on TV and did some homework. It wasn`t the most productive day but not all days are all the time. I will therefore not write too much about that day for that reasoning.

Today I went to church at 8:00 for Palm Sunday service. It was a very good service displaying the importance of Palm Sunday in a good way I thought. For sunday school we had a presentation from a guy telling us in detail about the crucifixion of Christ. He raised questions in all aspects of this detailed process. If you`re interested in knowing more about that, post a comment and ill explain more. Now I am ready to skype for family in Norway in half an hour. I am excited since it`s been some time now we haven`t done it. Though I love it here, it is sometimes nice to get a sense of how things are back home as well! The rest of the day will probably be doing some homework, watching sports on TV/my macbook and trying to relax and get ready for a new week. It get`s hectic during the school-week so I like to relax in the weekends. Thanks for reading and remember what Christ did for you in the Easter period, reflect upon it and take a stand for what that means for your life. I am not the same without that Christ did on the Cross, I am damned without it and saved with the acknowledgement of it!

– Best regards from Harald, Christ follower and Lincoln-Lutheran Student and soccer-player 2012/2013 in Lincoln, Nebraska.


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