Soccer game against Seward High!

Hi and welcome to my little cozy environment called Haraldmeetsworld where I explain my daily life in this world and now in the US as an exchange student! 🙂

Now I am sitting at school in English-class. Bored as crap, I am writing a blog-post due to my big need for a break! Today I am so excited as I am about to play my third soccer-match of the year against Seward High. There are many reasons for me to be excited for this match as I am about to explain. First of all, it is soccer which I adore to play and it`s very important to win this game for us! Secondly, many people I know will be there to support me. Victoria will be there since she lives in Seward and other people in her family will be there as well. I also have an appointment with the Concordia Nebraska coach to come see me play today since we play Seward on their field. This is very exciting as I am hoping to get a scholarship to this school in the future worth a lot of money. I also know there is a lot of pressure on us to win today and on me as well to play well. I can only do my best and I know God is with me and I play for him! So I hope we`ll have an awesome game and it`s exciting that it`ll be the first time Victoria and others will see me play today! 🙂



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