Man of the match, Vietnamese food and other random things

Hi folks, today is maundy thursday or «skjærtorsdag» as we call it in Norway. Get ready for an exciting post to read cause I got a lot of fun to talk about!

Let`s start where I ended last time:

Lincoln-Lutheran Boys Soccer played tuesday against Seward High in Seward at the Concordia University Nebraska field. I was super-excited prior to this game due to the message that Concordia would set up some scouters for me (people coming to watch and determine if I`m good enough for their team). In this game where I had immense pressure, I scored 1 goal on a cannonball of a freekick probably close to 70 mph/120 km/t. I also had an assist and one goal where I was third to last on in a victory we had 3-1 over Seward. I got awarded Man of the match and got a trophy so things are super-exciting! I will like to give God honor for that game, without him I wouldn`t be in this world nor in Nebraska this year. I am honored to play for him and praising him through Warrior Soccer 2013. Another very exciting thing this day was the presence of my lovely girlfriend and her family at the game. Victoria lives in this city called Seward with 8000 people so she wanted to come with her brothers and her mom. Her brothers made this amazing poster I will like to share a picture of, they even wrote in Norwegian on it!! On this poster you have my #19, a Norwegian crown since my name is the same as the Norwegian King Harald V and some other details such as my Adidas Adizero f50 soccer-cleats, and norwegian writing «Harald is the king of soccer». It was so funny to see this poster, so thanks for making it! 🙂



This next picture I will like to add here is of me in the Lincoln-Lutheran Away Uniform I had on tuesday when I scored. I picked #19 since I though it was a neat number, not too mainstream yet not super-odd as #29 or #42. 644362_497527136951733_545336763_n


The pictures, exciting soccer moments and such were the highlights of my tuesday in Seward. Now I`m transitioning upto tomorrow and some exciting stuff happening. After soccer-practice yesterday at around 6 pm I went with many people from soccer to a Vietnamese place. I went with my host-brother Andrew, some Americans and 5 Vietnamese students from Lincoln-Lutheran who plays soccer. This place in Lincoln called Pho Nguyenn served the national dish of Vietnam called Pho which was a rice-noodle soup with a lot of good broth, meat and vegetables. This food tasted so good, it`s hard to describe but its some of the better food I`ve eaten in a long time. Vietnamese food is probably now my favorite Asian food, better than Chinese 🙂 For dessert I had something called Bubble-tea with coconut flavor. This was kind of a creamy smoothie with chewy Tapioca-balls on the bottom that tasted really good! It was a pretty reasonable price for an appetizer, entrè and dessert for a little over 10 $. I dont have any photos of the food yet, I didnt take any photos of it and I thought it would be bad to just copy/paste some from google.

I hoped you`ve enjoyed the reading and have a good easter, remember what Christ did for you!




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