Posted in april 2013

Prom is tomorrow, woot-woot!

Heisann as we say it in Norway when we are in a good mood. I am definitely in a good mood as prom is tomorrow and I am lucky to go with the prettiest girl on this side of the Atlantic, my wonderful girlfriend Victoria. The previous post I wrote about my plans for the … Les videre

American Prom 2013!!

Today is wednesday and it`s 3 days until my first American prom where I`m going with my American girl! I am so excited to experience the American prom and everything that comes with it! American prom is a big deal over here and I have done some preparations; I will be renting a sick tux … Les videre

MANCHESTER IS RED! #champions20

And history is made! Today my beloved boys at Old Trafford in Trafford Borough in Manchester, England made history. They are officially the most winning team in English history, first team to 20 EPL titles and first team to win this early in the season. The reason behind the season is my dutch wonderboy Robin … Les videre

Weekend post and updates from Nebraska

Hi reader wherever you might be around the world, US, Norway or somewhere else! 🙂 This post will mostly consist of updates from the week that is almost over including my soccer game yesterday, taking the act (american curriculum test) and other things happening in «the land of the free and the home of the … Les videre

Guest Post From An American

The Norwegian Harald gave me the honor of writing a post for his blog. I don’t have much knowledge of what i should talk about, but i will try to do my best. One thing that comes to me is how Harald has influenced my passion for soccer. You could almost say that some of … Les videre

Scholarship-hunts and future plans

Now I am sitting in study hall kinda tired though the school-day is almost over. I am thinking about the future education and I don`t know what I want to do yet. I will present in this post what I am thinking for schooling the next couple of years and what options I`m looking at. … Les videre