Scholarship-hunts and future plans

Now I am sitting in study hall kinda tired though the school-day is almost over. I am thinking about the future education and I don`t know what I want to do yet. I will present in this post what I am thinking for schooling the next couple of years and what options I`m looking at.

I am next school-year gonna return to Norway for my senior year at my boarding-school in Norway called Drottningborg. It`s gonna be legend-wait-for-it-dary!» (a little how i met your mother reference, sorry if you haven`t seen the show!). I am excited to see all of my friends there again and spend an awesome year at that place that I love!

After that it is pretty open, God leads me and I kinda follow him where he wants me to go. I am however looking at 4 options as it stands per 3 of april 2013. The first option is going to be to stay in Norway for college/university. I don`t know what I wanna study yet, but ill figure it out soon enough. Option #2 is to come to the US and attend a college here. Then I have two colleges I am looking at. The first one is Concordia University Nebraska in Seward, NE where I`ve visited many times before and I have so many reasons to go there. I am chasing this soccer-scholarship there and I really want to go there though it is 40000 $ a year and 4 years will be very expensive. It is therefore neccesary for me to get a scholarship to go here. The other option in the US is Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is a good option and an affordable price. They have already given me a good scholarship with free food and some other stuff. They have already accepted me pretty much so that`s a good option.

Option #3 is to take a year off and travel the world with a voluntary organization. I will then dedicate my year to missionary work or voluntary work to help those in need around this world. I am looking at different Lutheran organizations and other things, but we will see what God has set for me.

Option #4 is study abroad somewhere in the world outside of US or Norway. My second cousin is currently studying in Australia, I know people who has studied all around the world so that may be a solution.

When it comes down to it, God will make the best decision to happen. I really hope I will get that Concordia soccer-scholarship to go to that college. It is so many good reasons to go there, but we will see what it comes to.

If you have comments or questions, put them below.


One thought on “Scholarship-hunts and future plans

  1. Du har mye å tenke på i fht videre studier. Godt du kan hvile i at Gud vil åpne veien han ser er den beste. Love & blessings m:-)

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