Guest Post From An American

The Norwegian Harald gave me the honor of writing a post for his blog. I don’t have much knowledge of what i should talk about, but i will try to do my best. One thing that comes to me is how Harald has influenced my passion for soccer. You could almost say that some of his passion for the sport has rubbed off onto me, cause he takes the sport of soccer to heart. I have not seen anyone for having such a passion for soccer, that might be because i haven’t been to Europe yet, the soccer capital of the world but he has told about how serious it is taken there. As time went by knowing Harald, he has helped me with many things dealing with soccer such as skills and just getting me to love the sport. Without his help and knowledge of the sport, i do not think i would know as much as i do now or enjoy it as much. I am glad he has became a friend of mine, for that reason and many others.

This sport also has given me a chance to use my God given talents to praise what he has given to me, and use my time to praise him through that way, rather then wasting my time not doing so. It is a blessing to be also apart of such a great soccer team, with great people on it. No other way would i rather use my time then spending it playing soccer with those people. I may not be the best but all that counts is that i love doing it, because you should never waste your time on something that you do not love doing. As i make those mistakes during practices or even during the games, I learn from those, to always do my best and that i can improve. No one can truly be the best at one thing for they will always have something new to learn about «said» thing. In all, i am glad that i am able to play soccer for such a great team and for a amazing God. It is also awesome to have a great friend like Harald, that has been there to help support me in my path to playing soccer and being a good friend.

From a developing soccer-ethusiast

– Dakota Judds


3 thoughts on “Guest Post From An American

  1. Wonderful! Harald, I could tell you were a very nice guy when I first saw your blog, and now that I’ve heard Dakota’s story about you, I know it is very true! Glad you guys can play soccer together 🙂

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