Weekend post and updates from Nebraska

Hi reader wherever you might be around the world, US, Norway or somewhere else! 🙂 This post will mostly consist of updates from the week that is almost over including my soccer game yesterday, taking the act (american curriculum test) and other things happening in «the land of the free and the home of the brave».

This week has been all around the place here, I was suppose to have a soccer game tuesday but it got delayed due to high amounts of snow here in Nebraska. A good slogan from a comedian over here desribed the state`s weather conditions well, just take a lot at the picture below!



Throughout my week I have done much the regular things over here such as homework, school, soccer-practice and some other things. It is very much repetitive but I find joy in it as well! Friday I had a board-game night playing «taboo» with my host-family and some others. Yesterday I woke up at 6:30 getting ready for the ACT. I took this test since I am very much likely considering to go to US colleges and this is in this regard very necessary as it is for all American students as well. It was a very hard test consisting of math, science, reading and English grammar. When you look at it and know my strengths as a student you might say «that test is not your favorite subject parts, is it» and you`re right, it`s not. However, I did my best and I will hopefully get as good score that it will be possible to get into colleges here if that`s God`s plan for my life.

Yesterday I also played Omaha Skutt Catholic in a tough soccer-game at Spirit Park here in Lincoln. This team had a rather odd perception of soccer as they played very rough, physical and unfair in most ways in both our game against them and generally speaking. I felt this harshly as I got hurt by a player #17 hitting me right in solar plexus causing me to get hurt in my asthma. I am very cautious regarding hard hits to the chest and this one sucked all the air out of me. This caused my head to hurt due to a lack of oxygen and I had severe pain for a long time. I still feel somewhat hurt, it is not a good feeling but I know God is in control and he helps me throughout today and to eternity. Proverbs 19:21 (ordspråkerne 19:21) – Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. The game however did not end too bad, this team Skutt Catholic is the best team in our league and we played mostly very good towards them. In the second half, it was still 0-0 until a ridiculous call against us gave the oscar winning actor a.k.a a Skutt player with #21 on his back a penalty. He put it in and we lost unfortunately 2-0 at the end of the game. I did not play the last 20 minutes due to my injury/pain or whatever you want to call it. I am not too hurt, I will go see the trainer tomorrow and get an evaluation regarding if I need to stay out of my game I have tuesday or not yet. I pray to God and I will do my best to rest and get back in good shape as fast as possible, I still think it`s really unnecessary to do something like that to someone in a soccer game but that`s on his conscience, not mine…

The date today is the 14th and graduation is coming up soon. I am pretty pumped for it but I am traveling home to Norway in less than 2 months with mix feelings. I got plenty of reasons why I want to stay but I got reasons why it`ll be fun to go back to Norway as well. Here is a picture I will end the post with with me at school friday with my graduation robe:




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