Macklemore-lookalike, campus visits and soccer updates!

Hi and welcome to this diverse post about a lot of interesting things regarding my life in Nebraska and some future stuff! I am now sitting at home in Raymond, NE writing on my kitchen-table while enjoying my US life and considering future-choices. I got many choices to make, some will be more pleasant than others as it usually is. I will talk a bit about my week so far and what`s gonna happen in the weekend to come here tomorrow, so here we go! 🙂

Tuesday I played a soccer-game home at Spirit Park in Lincoln, NE where we played Nebraska City. This was a must-win game for us as we played a fairly week team on-paper but you never know. As the game progressed, a realized a that the NC pioneers were a very low-pressure team and I took advantage of this several times with some good shots on target. I missed quite a big of my shots, yet I had the honor to score two goals as we won 2-0 against the Nebraska City Pioneers. This is something I am really happy and proud about, to accomplish this with the help of God and my good teammates on the Warrior team. It is also very nice to have people in the stands that cheer me on, everyone know me and it`s pretty neat. Especially when my host-family or my wonderful girlfriend Victoria is coming to watch the games I play, that`s really fun. Her brothers are also excited to see me play so it is a neat experience that I enjoy very much to be a part of. The next upcoming weeks we will emerge into district and then state championships. This will be a neat experience I am looking forward to very much! I am exciting to represent my home country Norway, family and friends but more importantly God when playing here in the states!

Yesterday I attended a senior-play-practice at Lincoln-Lutheran with Victoria. We are both doing this senior play based upon the experiences from the Oregon trail with a cool twist on them in a humorous way. It is very neat though it takes a lot of time which stresses me out quite a lot! I am playing a funny character called a Corn Merchant, I sell corn. This is a humorous guy smashing drum-rolls (bo-dum-dish) all the time to bad puns (jokes, 1 liners) from other characters in the play. I like to spend time with Victoria and to be a part of the LL-senior community through this!

Today I had a funny experience in the hall-ways of Lincoln-Lutheran at North 56th street in Lincoln, NE. Middle schoolers (6th to 8th graders), many of them friends of my host-brother came and approached me with a laugh at their face. I said «what`s so funny?». It`s just, you look totally like Macklemore Harald, I am gonna call you that from now on. Then they all, probably around 50 kids starting chanting macklemore famous for songs such as «thrift shop», «same love», «irish celebration» and «can`t hold us». It is kind of a funny thing how the small people love me for some odd reason, I guess it is cause I actually talk to them and like to pay attention to what they do, unlike most seniors. I enjoyed this and it made my day! 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to a college visit at the Concordia Nebraska Campus in Seward, NE. This is where Victoria lives as well. I am going there to discuss future schooling and to discuss possible solutions for me to compare my possibilities here compared to Augustana in Sioux Falls and Iowa Western in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It is all small colleges good in academics for an affordable price which I all consider. There are pros and cons with all of them, I am not sure I will return for college here, but it`s a possibility and then most likely I will go to one of these 3 colleges. I think Augustana leads the race with Concordia at a close 2nd place, but maybe that will change tomorrow, who knows?

Thanks for reading and paying interest to my life here in the US. Please feel free to ask questions below about US, me, Christianity/God and whatever you want. I am excited to hear your thoughts! 🙂


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