MANCHESTER IS RED! #champions20

And history is made! Today my beloved boys at Old Trafford in Trafford Borough in Manchester, England made history. They are officially the most winning team in English history, first team to 20 EPL titles and first team to win this early in the season. The reason behind the season is my dutch wonderboy Robin V. Persie and his wonderful shots! 🙂 I have been a united fan all my life, I have followed the team since I was 4 years old attending several games throughout the world. This is like new years, Christmas and national day combined with my birthday! I am so pumped as I am writing and screaming Manchester United songs almost as loud that you can hear it all the way back to Norway or England perhaps. I will like to add some pictures to illustrate my joy of me with Manchester United jerseys on and the team as well! Enjoy the slideshow and join me in celebrating the greatest team in English history!


My proud uniform!



a wonderful poster illustrating my joy!


Me inside Old Trafford against Norwich at my 16th birthday, sweet-16?


Me outside the stadium in Manchester the same day!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and my post! 🙂




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