Prom is tomorrow, woot-woot!

Heisann as we say it in Norway when we are in a good mood. I am definitely in a good mood as prom is tomorrow and I am lucky to go with the prettiest girl on this side of the Atlantic, my wonderful girlfriend Victoria. The previous post I wrote about my plans for the day so I refer to that if you want to see how it works tomorrow. In this post however I will write about my thoughts before the big day and teach you some Norwegian just for fun if you`re interested since I`m somewhat bored. By teaching norwegian, I will give some widely used phrases in Norwegian all over Norway and some just in my hometown-area.

Tomorrow I will as earlier mentioned go to Victoria`s house to take some pictures of me and her prior to our group pictures later in the day. I am excited for that indeed, I love pictures. I probably should shave prior to that but we`ll take that tomorrow! For my sake, it is mostly important to keep my manners good during my prom-time. I am not saying I got bad manners though others have claimed so, I am just saying that it is very expected here in the US to keep good manners during a prom-dinner and throughout the whole prom-experience. I am insanely exciting for the whole prom-experience here in the US! I went to a Norwegian prom at Kvinesdal Ungdomsskole earlier which wasn`t my most pleasant experience. I am however more excited for this prom!

Read more about my previous post if you want to see more details about prom, I`m too lazy to write more about that now. Maybe it`s because I have lived too long in the US, I don`t know but it`s very possible. I will include a tux-picture of my tux now for those who haven`t seen it yet.


Now over to the norwegian-lesson part of the post where I will teach some phrases in Norwegian and how to pronounce them according to my norwegian accent.

Kossen går det? – how are you in my dialect. Hvordan går det? – how are you in «normal» Oslo norwegian dialect.

k-oh-ss-enn- g-oh-r-d? it is in spelled out. The å sound is very hard to describe how to pronounce but it`s very close to the word «oh». At the last part of the sentence when we have «d-e-t» in Norwegian, you only pronounce the «d» in the word. Try it out yourself. For the most common word, go to google-translate and see how it is pronounced yourself, I will give away how I pronounce it since it`s my blog and I have the authority to do so.

Okke – å-kk-e. This is a phrase in my dialect refering to «us» and is a very much used word. It is equivalent to oss in the norwegian language and can be pronounced by using the letter å followed by a long k-sound and an e sound which is kinda hard to make. Go to GT (google translate) and try to pronounce the norwegian way of saying the «e» to help you out here.

Dokke – d-å-kk-e. This is referring to «you» in plural form, and is pronounced like «okke» plus a d from the first phrase/question. This is equivalent to «dere» in common spoken norwegian language.

Jårpla – this is a famous word from my region or hometown-area and is the word for potato. It is called potet in norwegian but I think «jårpla» has more touch and exoticness if thats a word to it. You pronounce it like this: je-å-err-pe-la. It is fairly hard and I understand that but try it out yourself or if you`re in the Lincoln, NE surrounding area come ask me what it means if interested. If you`re in Norway and have no idea what it means, ask someone you know if you do from this the Western Vest-Agder like Flekkefjord or Kvinesdal on how   to pronounce it.

reita – this is probably my favorite word so I will end with that. It means in english according to an online dictionary: rock, swing or seesaw and is a verb referring to an old playground instrument used often in Norway and maybe around the world, idk. In Norwegian this is often referred to as «huske» but it has also been referred to as «disse» by others. When pronouncing this word, you need to get introduced to a second new letter «Æ» or «æ». It is again hard to describe in words, so go to GT and see how its pronounced if you wanna try to pronounce «reita». the pronunciation goes like this: er-æ-i-tt-a.  Again, it is fairly hard to pronounce but please feel free to ask me in person if you wanna learn it. I would also encourage you to try norwegian classes online or watch handy youtube-videos regarding how to learn norwegian if you seek to learn more than I have presented today.

I am excited for prom and i had fun presenting some of my language today. I hope you`ve enjoyed reading this post and feel free to comment with questions if you have some!



One thought on “Prom is tomorrow, woot-woot!

  1. Yay! You gotta post pics from prom. I know you and Victoria will look great! And thanks for sharing some of your language! I love learning about different languages. I have no one to practice this with, though! Oh well. 😛

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