Posted in mai 2013

Graduation in `merica!

Hasta la vista Lincoln-Lutheran, este amigo se graduada! Graduation is done and I am officially the first norwegian from Feda to graduate American High-school! That´s pretty neat, if you ask me! Today was as you understood was graduation day and it was a volcanic eruption of emotions, good, bad, relief, sorrow etc. I went to … Les videre

Finals week at Lincoln-Lutheran!

Finals week! These two words are normally enough to give most seniors a major headache. I am not an exception! Today is monday and I got 4 school-days left at LL. It feels ridiculous and insane that I will not be a student at LL after this week and not in the US in a … Les videre

What a long week!

Oh boy, this week has been long! First of all, it hasn`t been the best of all weeks due to several things. I am a free man you could say or I am a broken man, whichever you prefer. I feel not too bad though, it`s not like the world is going under of anything. … Les videre