What a long week!

Oh boy, this week has been long!

First of all, it hasn`t been the best of all weeks due to several things. I am a free man you could say or I am a broken man, whichever you prefer. I feel not too bad though, it`s not like the world is going under of anything. So that has been one part of this week from prom until now. I will explain a bit more around prom, this incident and what other this week has been holding for me in this post.

Saturday was prom here in the US. I could write a 10 page paper about this but I do not feel like it. It was fun for the most part with prom, post-prom was also good with many fun activities such as go-kart etc. The most fun part of the night however, in my opinion, was post-post prom. Then a bunch of friends of me and Andrew came out to our house and we had a bonfire (bål) and some good breakfast my host-parents made. 

The rest of the week was used to try and recover from the long prom-night experience and all surrounding it. Sunday was a rollercoaster of emotions, I went from being tired from prom to being tired due to another incident. Sorry if I am to vague in my writings about this, but I do not want to offend anyone so if you wonder what happened, just ask me and ill answer you. That was that I guess in the realm of dating here in America, «hasta la vista Americanos, soy noruego y me gusta chicas noruegas !» 

Throughout this week it has been so hectic!! I have had play practice almost every night from 6 to 9 where we practice our play based upon the Oregon Trail wanderings back in the 1800s. It`s a lot of fun even though it`s tiring and time-consuming!

This week also has been pounded with homework. 3 tests, 2 quizzes and many big projects have been due or ending within this week. When I have arrived at home around 9:30 every night, I am too tired to write on my blog usually. 

Another incident happening this week was districts soccer. This is where we were supposed to win it all and go to state, that did not happen however. We lost at a penalty shootout after missing chances like none other tuesday night. It was very frustrating and the fact that I got injured doesn`t help either!

Oh well, over to some more exciting stuff: This week I have been hanging out with two good friends of mine here in the US, one of them is attending Lincoln-Lutheran and the other I met from Faith, the church I attend with the Wendlands. They are awesome and their names are Piper and Dakota. They came to my soccer game down in Beatrice, NE (40 minutes south of Lincoln) tuesday. We have also been hanging out before my play practices this week so it`s been a lot of fun!

That`s it for me writing for now, I am tired as none-other so I am keeping it short. Ask me questions if you have some and if not, thanks for reading at Haraldmeetsworld as always! 🙂 


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