Senior-play and everyday updates from Nebraska!! :)

Good day folks, I am in a good mood today! 🙂 I am writing a new post as I am listening to a remix of one of my favorite songs ever called «blinded by the light» by Manfred Mann. I will get back to that later in the post together with some everyday updates and some stuff regarding my last part of my trip in Nebraska and an exciting senior-play we performed yesterday.

Since the last time, I have some fun stuff occurring in my life here in the states. Friday I had a dress-rehersal (generalprøve) for the senior-play which was a blast. After this, all the stage crew and actors went to Village Inn in Lincoln to eat food. VI is a good place in Lincoln where you can buy good food and desserts in my eyes, at least! I had a blast as a spend the evening/night with some good senior-friends of mine! I really enjoyed the car ride home with some senior-boys talking about all boys talk about around midnight friday night: in other words: vulgar stuff and a heck of a good time!

Saturday I woke up late (11.00) after sleeping for about 10 hours. When I woke up, I did some homework and played some Fifa 13 on the Wendland`s Xbox 360. Sorry if this is too nerdy, but I got a good career going on with me as a virtual pro character playing in the Brazilian club Santos, so it`s a lot of fun! 🙂 After this around noon, me and my host-family went to Columbus, NE (around 1,5 hours away) to see a track-meet there where my host-brothers Andrew and Josh attended.



Here you can see a picture of Columbus and where it`s located. The track meet was fun to watch there, it was very cold though! Too prevent freezing to death, me and Jake played some tennis in a nearby tennis-court which was fun! After the meet, me and my host-family went to eat at Valentino`s in Columbus, a great Italian buffet around Nebraska serving awesome food, all you can eat for 10$!

Sunday was a super-exciting day for me personally and all the other Lincoln-Lutheran seniors who participated in the play. I had a blast as I played a funny role of a corn merchant in a play based upon the Oregon Trail. This merchant had an idol who said bad puns, (1-liners) so I did a drum crash (bo-dum-dish) on that with some corn. It was hilarious! 🙂 Underneath you can see some pictures of me and some friends attending the play. The people in the picture are me, Dakota ( a friend from faith and LL), Piper (a friend from faith) and Rachel (a friend of piper and a cool girl from East high school in Lincoln).


This is one of the pictures from play. I got more but I dont have them yet, ill put them out later. World, this is Rachel, a cool friend of mine and Rachel, this is world seen through my blog! If you wonder why I look like pretty questionable (sorry if it`s too direct stated), I wore stage make-up and such. I am norwegian and we are more fashionable than Americans, no doubt bout that but boys don`t wear make-up usually for that reason. Just saying it so no-one misjudge me from this picture.

Today is monday and I have had a busy school-day. We have finals week, next week so I am preparing for that in almost every class so it is pretty intense to say the least! I got 7 finals in seven different subjects:

Algebra 2, US History, Spanish 4, Sociology, English, US government and Christian Ethics (look at my post about the subjects if you wanna learn more about them). I also went after school to a restaurant called Dairy-queen with my friend Dakota. We often hang out after school doing stuff, he`s pretty chill and he`s got an awesome car called Mitsubishi Eclipse.



Thanks so much for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it! It is only a month left of my US adventure, but I will do my best to preserve my time here as much as possible!



One thought on “Senior-play and everyday updates from Nebraska!! :)

  1. Hei Harald, ja det var litt av et kostyme:-) Maisene matchet nesten fargen på Dakotas bil, he, he. Skjønner godt det er gøy å cruse rundt i den! Godt å høre at du koser deg!.-)m

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