Finals week at Lincoln-Lutheran!

Finals week! These two words are normally enough to give most seniors a major headache. I am not an exception! Today is monday and I got 4 school-days left at LL. It feels ridiculous and insane that I will not be a student at LL after this week and not in the US in a month. I am honored to have spent a year in the states and I am also honored of the work done in my classes and all the wonderful people I`ve got to meet here. As for now, I got good grades, more specifically a GPA (grade point average) of 3.8/4.0 or around (5.6/5.7 in Norway) which I am happy with. Finals are now coming up so I don`t know if I can keep the good grades up, but I`ll do my best. More important however than grades here is that I have met a bunch of awesome people I am so privileged to have met. I could have written a paper about them all but it would take too much time unfortunately. Time is flying by here and I am so sad I will be leaving soon, though I am also happy to arrive at home with good summertimes to come. I will be enjoying it hopefully as much as it`s been fun here in the states!

The finals I have done today:

Spanish 4 final

In this final I finished the hardest spanish test in High School in the states. I am really happy to have done well here as I got my grade later in the class period. It was a written test consisting of all verb tenses in spanish plus other stuff learned this year!

Sociology presentation final and paper

In this presentation, I presented my sociological study of differences between soccer and football. It was a lot of fun studying this and I presented my results of my conducted research today.

I could continue talking about finals and school-work for the rest of the post but fearing I would scare away all readers forever, I will not do so. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask them in the text-bar or follow me on twitter @xerezdomingo or facebook: Harald. A. Overå if you seek so. I will now continue presenting some cool experiences from this weekend:

This weekend I went to a state soccer game in Omaha, NE for the girls team playing at the state field where I wanted to play but we lost districts but oh well. I saw the Lady LL-Warriors lose 4-0 against Elkhorn South Storm. I am not the biggest fan of women`s soccer, just throwing it out there. I prefer guys soccer but I like watching the sport so it was fun nonetheless.

Saturday I went to another state sport event as I watched my first baseball game when a consolidated team (mixed team) from Lincoln-Lutheran, Raymond-Central and Wahoo played Omaha Skutt Catholic in a state game. I have previously written about Skutt so look for that if you`ll like to see how I view them (not too good!). It was very fun to attend my first game ever watching a very American sport by all means. I like soccer-games better than baseball games, but this game was still fun!

Here is some pictures of me and my host brothers during the game:



So this is me, a Norwegian exchange student in Lincoln, NE 2012/2013. I enjoy this clothing-style a lot by the way! It´s a mix of norwegian clothing-style mixed with a surfer-style from California I really like. It`s casual yet nice looking! For those who care, I don`t really but I`ll tell anyway: This outfit consists of a New Era NYY cap (New York Yankees), tank-top from American Eagle, shorts from Win Win and red Converse all-star high-tops.

This is the end of this post for now. Thanks for reading and remember the essential knowledge of this world: We are created by a perfect God who gave us the heavens and the earth to care for. We screwed up, we are sinful due to the fall in the garden of Eden. Christ saved us from our sinfulness so we can fully live in him and have everlasting life. If you do not understand the importance of this, I feel sorry for you. I am not judging anyone on their actions and opinions, that`s God`s job at judgement day, but a Christian way is the key to eternal salvation from this fallen world and we need to understand this universal truth! Please feel free to ask questions to me about this, I am very passionate about writing on my blog but I need to proclaim the truth here, that`s the important thing. I live due to God`s creation and I am born again due to Christ`s actions that I have faith in are true!


2 thoughts on “Finals week at Lincoln-Lutheran!

  1. Masse lykke til med innspurten av dette skoleåret!! Håper det blir en topp opplevelse på gradiations day!! Skulle gjerne vært der, men håper å se noen fine bilder av begivenhetene!! Har deg med meg som jeg pleier:-) m

  2. Thanks for the heads up on a great post, Harald! I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed your time in the States and all of the people you’ve met here. It is ALWAYS a good thing to get out of one’s «homeland» to experience new things and new cultures! I’m proud of you that you did so well in school. Those scores are great!!! You are obviously very smart. 🙂 Where is home for you in Norway? Do you think you’ll ever travel again? I hope you continue writing your blog even after you get home. It would be interesting to see how you feel and if you experience any reverse culture shock!

    I really like the picture of you—glad you enjoyed seeing all those sports games. (I’m not a fan of women’s soccer, either.) And your thoughts about Christianity at the end of your posts are always wonderful. Glad to know there are people out there who live their faith every day.

    Best of luck to you, now and always!!!


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