What do you remember me for? Questionnaire ensemble

Hi folks, Harald A. Overå AKA Haraldmeetsworld here! I am 3 days away from graduation from Lincoln-Lutheran…. It is very emotional for me as I am excited for summer and realizing the time in the states is soon over. I got 26 days left today and I feel so sad to leave this wonderful country! I have always loved US, been here on vacation twice and now a whole year. I will really like to return either for college or for vacation in the future. However, time is not up yet! I got a month left so let´s cease the time! I will in this post invite everyone to tell me what they think of me and how they will remember me. What impact have I made this year on you? I will later as a finalized post everyone who has meant a lot to me during my time in the states from my host-family, to friends, teachers, coaches and others. I will also include pictures from the whole year in loosely gathered in a post. So let`s get going on the questionnaire:

I have different categories I have impacted you in:

– Sports

– Academics

– Christian Life

– Church-work

– Play

this is only some etc. So ESSENTIALLY what I want to hear is what you would have said if someone asked you about me and how you have get to know me this year and how I have been impacting you? You might think, who is this self-centered brat who thinks he`s changed the world? It`s not about that, I want to hear about how I have impacted you to write down about people later for the post mentioned and also for my impression of people. I have experience the adventure of my life here in the states, and I will like to hear the thoughts of my piers and friends in this context. In Norway at Drottningborg, we had a diary yearbook where you could write to people directly a message of how you view them and how they impacted you throughout this year. I will like to do this here at Haraldmeetsworld, and I hope you will participate since it is only by participation, this thing will be successful and I will get something out of it: so let the thoughts roll and give me your opinion!!! 🙂

Grazie in anticipo! – thanks in advance!


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