Last day of LL-schooling and norwegian independence day!

Hipp Hipp Hurra! Gratulerer med dagen kjære landsmenn rundt om i verden!

This is the a very emotional and important post to me! Today is the 17th of may and as norwegians celebrate back home, I am celebrating my last day of school today. It is ridiculous and unbelievable that I am in a couple of hours done with my High-school career in the states and at Lincoln-Lutheran. I don`t have time to write so long since I am writing in study hall right now, but ill make it short and concise.

My year at Lincoln-Lutheran have been beyond awesome in every shape and form! I have loved being «the foreign guy»/»the norwegian guy» at Lincoln-Lutheran this year. I have done sports, met friends and had the time of my life in a country far away from home. Thank you all for reading all along and thanks for being supportive and taking part of my American-experience. I have been so blessed by God to be able to come here, live with an American family and had such a blast all year! It is beyond sad to leave here, but I hope I`ve left a legacy here. I want to show LL about how Norway is and how I am personally but more importantly how wonderful God is and I`ve share the belief of this here this year in Lincoln. I have no words of describing how much I`ve grown this year, in my faith and in all other aspects in my life. Thanks so much for being supportive to me ALL Americans, I have loved being an American for a year and I am sorry to leave so soon! I leave in 3 weeks, but I HOPE to come back and this would mean the world to me!

Check pictures on facebook or earlier at my blog, I am too tired from government final today and a lot of homework to post a lot right now.

Back in Norway now, you have 5 million people celebrating our independence and national day. I am honored to call myself Norwegian, and I celebrated 17th of may myself today. I put on my norwegian sweater, some red, white and blue pants and my red converse high-tops today. It looks pretty cool to be honest! If you want to learn about our national day, google-search 17th of may, we basically do a lot of celebration in several ways.

Enjoy the celebration back home in Norway or wherever you are and thanks y`all for following my adventure all years. I got 3 weeks left so if you`re around Lincoln, please help me have a good time until I leave june 9th. Thanks for some great months, I`ve enjoyed writing a lot and best regards from an adventurous «Fedagutt» situated in Nebraska this year. Remember, all Glory goes to the world who created heavens and earth. And to his son Jesus Christ who saved us from our sin so we can live eternally and have everlasting life. That`s what I am living for, so who are you serving?

Harald A. Overå – maker and writer


2 thoughts on “Last day of LL-schooling and norwegian independence day!

  1. For eit fantastisk innlegg, Harald! Så bra å høyre at du har kost deg så mykje over dammen! Gleder meg til å sjå deg att snart, min kjære likar-nynorsk-ven! 🙂

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