Graduation in `merica!

Hasta la vista Lincoln-Lutheran, este amigo se graduada! Graduation is done and I am officially the first norwegian from Feda to graduate American High-school! That´s pretty neat, if you ask me! Today was as you understood was graduation day and it was a volcanic eruption of emotions, good, bad, relief, sorrow etc. I went to church this morning that was pretty neat and such, but the highlight of the day was definitely my American high-school graduation at Lincoln-Lutheran!

Throughout this year I have worked towards this goal: to glorify God in the United States, make friends and do my best academically! I am proud to say that I have not done perfectly in any way, shape or form. I am sinful like all my fellow earthly citizens but I live for a perfect God so all glory goes to him on this graduation day! I could have written a doctorate paper about the humbleness and kindness of Nebraskans towards me, I am forever grateful. This year, I was presented to a different culture, new people, new faces and new personalities and all. It takes a special type of character to be honest to take on a task like I have done. I personally was nervous, but I jumped into the cold metaphorical water that is nervousness and enjoyed the ride of God leading me this year! I have experienced the adventure of a lifetime with friends, teachers and people I will never forget! I have learned to love this state of Nebraska so much!!! It feels like a second home to me, the US. I have always felt it like this as I grew up in a town of Norwegian emmigrants to the states who went home again. I have experienced the «Brooklyn days» and «the emmigration festival in Kvinesdal» all my life dreaming to live in the country of my dreams! Today is a big pillar of success for me as I worked my butt off this school-year ending up with a 3.8 GPA/4.0. As a International student studying US government, US History and similar American curriculum classes, I am extremely proud of that performance and thanking God for it all the way! LL is a school grading on mostly college level so that makes my performance even more impressive in my eyes, but I will not talk more about this in fear of being considered a «bragger».

So now graduation is here, I am done with schooling at Lincoln-Lutheran forever! It feels odd, good, bad, terrifying and awesome at the same time! You can´t understand it unless you go through it yourself, but it feels like when I left Norway all over again unfortunately! I will include now some pictures from today since visual aid is more fun that me writing all day! (first picture is me getting my cap and gown a couple of weeks ago swagging up this American adventure with my foreign style! Other pictures are of me today getting my diploma, outside LL front building at N56 street in Lincoln, NE and of me, Silje and Eline inside the gym at school posing with our diplomas celebrating the adventure of a lifetime 🙂 )

Enjoy, thanks for reading and taking part of my American adventure in Lincoln, NE 2012/2013 – Harald out!















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