Posted in juni 2013

Life in Norway – summer 2013

Good day world! I am doing fine, thanks for asking. It has been quite a while since my last post, mostly since I have been lazy since I returned to Norway but oh well. How are everyone doing? I am fine, living at Feda in summer enjoying beautiful scenery and nice surroundings! I have also … Les videre

Travelling problems (reiseproblemer)

I am now sitting at Lincoln Airport waiting for my plane to arrive. I was suppose to leave yesterday at 5, but due to boarding pass problems, that was not possible and I am still in Lincoln, NE. Right now, I just wanna get home but since this plane is delayed to Minneapolis, I have … Les videre

The American adventure!

Good-day and goodbye!  Today is the last real day in the states as I leave tomorrow. I will like to share my facebook-status here as it illustrates my thoughts in a clever context. Please ask questions if you have some, thanks for a great year and ill keep posting some stuff in Norway for Americans … Les videre

Last week in the states!

Howdy my dear readers wherever you may be situated! Today is the first day of my last week in the states this exchange-student year! I came August 8th last year and I`m leaving june 10th this year. That is equivelent to around 10 months ish being in another country. I will in this post write … Les videre