Last week in the states!

Howdy my dear readers wherever you may be situated! Today is the first day of my last week in the states this exchange-student year! I came August 8th last year and I`m leaving june 10th this year. That is equivelent to around 10 months ish being in another country. I will in this post write about my feelings for the last week, my plans for the week and also I will be thinking about a summarizing post regarding the whole year with pictures etc and a final day post the day before I`m leaving but that`ll be later. Now over to this post:

Today is monday the 3rd of june and I`ve been taking a break from writing since I wrote about the Mt. Rushmore trip last week. Since that time, I have done several fun things:

I have been packing a box and package that I will send to Norway with all sorts of stuff in it. I will be sending it sometime this week before I leave so it can arrive in reasonable time after I get home. For activities and arrangements since last time I have seen a movie with one of my good friends her. Me and her went to see Fast and Furious 6 and it was beyond awesome! I love the «fast-series» and this was not an exception! Saturday I  had a bonfire with a lot of my friends out at my house. Me and Andrew arranged it brought food and had a blast! I`m glad I got to see all of the people who came! Yesterday was one of the best days of a long time as I went with friends to go tubing at my friend Dakota`s cabin in Ashland, NE. We went tubing, jet-skiing and had a blast! I joined him after the bonfire and had a sleepover at his house playing some good Fifa and had a blast! I really like hanging out with people here, they`re easy to talk to and know how to have fun as I do too!

This week I got some different plans:

Gotta send the package home.

Mini-golfing with some friends

Playing some soccer

Hanging out with people

Leave for Norway

So how do I feel about going home?

It is mixed emotions for sure! In one way, I cannot take in the fact that I am leaving soon so it`s hard to write about. I always live 100 % in the place I am currently in so it is very hard for me to believe I am moving back to Norway as it was when I was in Norway, believing I was moving to the states. I have throughout this year met memorable people I will always remember! I cherish out moments together and everybody who wants to, are welcome to Norway for a visit anytime! Somebody have already taken this offer to the fullest and have planned together with me to come visit summer of 2014. It will be a blast for sure I guarantee it! I will also like to give some credit to my host-family. It takes courage to host a 17 year old unstable, insecure foreign kid. 2 out of those 3 were false, however they have done a terrific job teaching me the ropes of American culture and giving me a good Christian foundation for this exchange-year. I will leave with a lot of memorable moments I will cherish forever as I go home! I have matured a lot during this year, spiritually in my Christian faith, emotionally to the fact that I`ve lived abroad for a year and physically a lot. I have lost a lot of weight this year since I`ve been active all the time, I have also matured a lot in my body structure and my face. See pictures from me last year and take a look when I come home, it is a lot of difference! I am however also very excited to come home! I got a lot of awesome family and friends who love me in Norway and who can`t wait for my return. I will enjoy the summer with them in Feda waiting for the start of my last year at Drottningborg where another group of exceptionally awesome people wait for me to return! they´re beyond cool and I will enjoy the time with them a lot!

This was my post about the last week in the states, hope you enjoy and enjoy living in God`s presence. If you`re not, you got a job to do and I will pray for you guys to come to faith in Christ Jesus as our savior!


4 thoughts on “Last week in the states!

  1. Nedtellingen er begynt:-) Skal bli herlig å få deg hjem!!! Men har stor forståelse for ambivalensen med å reise, etter et slikt minnerikt år!! Flott med besøk neste sommer:-) Kanskje vi må sette opp telt!? Finner nok ut av det!! Klem m:-)

  2. Safe journeys and glad you enjoyed your time here. Being abroad is ALWAYS a good experience, even if sometimes it’s not easy. Blessings to you!

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