USA 2012/2013 – A journey in Pictures!


Hei og hå alle lesere her hos Haraldmeetsworld! Bienvenuto as they say in Italy or bienvenido as our spanish friends say it! Welcome to this celebration post here at Haraldmeetsworld! I am leaving for Norway in 4 days!!! As for now, I got two options: I can whine about going home or think about how much fun I`ve had all year and I am gonna do the last one. I will upload a bunch of pictures from around the year and not categorize them month by month but in categories of memories and such.  This is maybe my most exciting post ever so jump onboard and enjoy the ride virtually through my adventure this year!

Let`s start:

The 8th of August I arrived in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln airport to live in Nebraska for a year. I have had a blast in «the good life» state all year and this is what the picture underneath represents and illustrates.




In the states I have had a wonderful journey and time living with an American family called the Wendlands! They have been beyond wonderful, kind and supportive to me and recognizing how hard it is for me to live thousands of miles from home. It has been a blast all year so I will like to recognize them with some pictures with them from around the year. It wont go by month, but I hope thats okay! 🙂

392864_545210665519250_1149053971_n 405114_485675488139435_1573721529_n





Worlds of Fun trip back in August!

First picture is of us at a church celebration event earlier this year and the bottom one is of me trying to learn how to shoot trap (leirdueskyting) at Thanksgiving. So essentially what I am trying to say is thanks for a great year Wendlands, I will always cherish our memories together forever!

This year I have been put out of my comfort zone several times, many of these have been through American Football I played in fall. It was really hard to learn, but through commitment and encouragement from God and coaches, I learned a lot and got in a heck of a shape while doing it! Here is some pictures of me and others from throughout football season:




wp 7


In spring, I played the sport of my life for Lincoln-Lutheran, SOCCER!!

Here is some soccer-pictures: (me with the LL jersey with #19 on it)



cool poster I got from a fan!




My whole year I have cherished a lot of things but one of the most neat experiences must have been all the travelling I have got to do. I counted not too long ago how many states I have visited and the total number is 14 which means I have been to 1/4 of all U.S states! That`s pretty cool if you ask me! Here are some travel pictures from around the year:

California and San Fransisco/Sacramento trip with Birthday celebration (october 2012):








View to Golden Gate Bridge!





Me sitting on a stone with the bridge behind me!




P1010174 - Copy


Me driving a boat in the pacific ocean!

Augustana school visit, Sioux Falls, SD

wp 4


Me, Silje and Eline at Augustana lobby



Augustana logo figure, Ole «the viking»

Kansas City trip with the Bassett`s and Eline:



wp 2


Kansas City trademarks and a picture of me at the farm outside KC!

Colorado ski trip with wendlands and Messiah Lutheran Church (2 different trips):

Messiah Ski Trip in January (random pictures)




Picture from the Cabin with Wendlands and others in Fraser, CO. We went Skiing in Winter Park, CO and we had a blast! I am so grateful for that trip!

Mount Rushmore trip with Wendlands! (Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska!) (may 2013)



Devil`s tower, Wyoming




Wendlands at Devil`s tower and me taking the picture!



Me in front of Mount Rushmore, chilling with 4 new friends!



Chilling in badlands national park, SD



Badlands national park, SD (may)

alright, enough with the traveling pictures, you get the idea. I have got to visit a lot of cool places this year!

Here in the states I have been lucky to be able to spend a lot of time with wonderful friends that means the world to me! They have made my year good in good cooperation with the Wendlands who have done the job of housing an unstable 17 year old magnificently well!

Here is some pictures with friends from around the year including my 2 norwegian friends from Drottningborg: Silje Marie and Eline!

wp 10


Me, Silje, Eline and our friends Chelsea at Homecoming! (september)




wp 4wp 7wp 13


Me and Eline at our first husker game against Michigan! (october)




We are baking norwegian bread! (december)


wp 1


Me, Silje, Eline and our awesome friends Markus from Drottningborg who lived in Omaha, NE this year! (october)




Me and Victoria, she is pretty cool!


396479_10151144702544190_2104634581_n 553762_4528184965943_1081935541_n

Me and my friend Cassie! (september)   Me with two nice girls i met this year; Eleanor and Lauren! (september)


Me, Markus and Silje eating ice cream! (february)





Soccer fun in the locker-room! (april)



LL senior class-play 2013! (may)



Norwegians and people from LL travelling to Norway with the «russ-pants» last day of school. Me, Silje and Eline all wore our «marius-genser» this day in 30 C/90 F!!!

One of the highlights of this year was graduation! It was an honor to walk down and get the diploma with my host parents who have been supportive of me all year. The diploma and grades I recieved wasn`t bad either! 🙂

Here are some graduation pictures!



Me with the LL diploma




When I got my graduation-robe!





Me, silje and Eline! (sorry bout the quality)

That sums off my journey in pictures! I could have posted a lot more but after working on this for a good hour, I felt lazy and tired so go enjoy pictures somewhere else i.e twitter/facebook or earlier at Haraldmeetsworld if you wanna see more! Thanks for following me all year with readings and remember the truth of what Christ did for us when he died for our sins! He gave us life and he rescued us from condemnation, do you believe in this? I hope you do, since it`s the essence of life and what I build my life upon. I trust in Christ cause without him, im nothing! Thanks for reading and give Christ a chance if you haven`t, you won`t regret it!

Thanks from a Norwegian abroad living in Lincoln, NE 2012/2013!


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