The American adventure!

Good-day and goodbye!  Today is the last real day in the states as I leave tomorrow. I will like to share my facebook-status here as it illustrates my thoughts in a clever context. Please ask questions if you have some, thanks for a great year and ill keep posting some stuff in Norway for Americans as I have for Norwegians this year and others. Thx again, believe in Christ and stay cool! 🙂

The American Adventure

Once upon a time a 16 year old boy set out from home to experience the world. He got an offer to travel abroad to live for a school year and experience life abroad. He went to a place far, far away from home. Here he had the adventure of a lifetime, he tried new sports, met new friends and experienced how it is to live with a different family. Through these experiences he has created memories that he will cherish forever. Though living so far from home is hard, he does not regret he went on this adventure and as he now leaves for home again, he will thank all the people of America for a wonderful year with good memories, fun times and happy life lessons. This experience he will always keep close to his heart and he might even come back for another adventure. But for now, he is going home, sad, yet happy he took the trip these 10 months.

Thank you all for making my American adventure great and until I hopefully see you guys again, take care and stay cool! 🙂

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