Haraldmeetsworld-post from the middle of the atlantic ocean! (flying business style!)

Haraldmeetsworld-post from the middle of the atlantic ocean! (flying business style!)
Hi and welcome to a special post at Haraldmeetsworld from the middle of the atlantic ocean! I am currently sitting in an airplane listening to a wide mix of my favorite music: Swedish house mafia, m83, Macklemore and others on my way home from an awesome exchange student year in the states. Previously, I had a lot of unanswered questions on how I was going to get home that were bothering me. I will get to those (see last post for more info) and I will also discuss this travel home and my exchange student year. So please read along and follow me from the middle of the Atlantic ocean! 🙂

Yesterday I was suppose to leave Lincoln and I was suppose to be home now in Norway. Tables turned and my boarding bass could not be printed in the check-in counter in Lincoln but oh well. At the time, I was mad but now I am calm and kinda glad it happened. You see, if that would`t have happened, a lot of things would have been differently. After I could`t leave yesterday, I got to go spend more time with my host-family which was awesome. We went to Norris high school in Hickman, NE about 25 miles south of Lincoln to see my host-brother`s basketball game there. That was fun! Another awesome happening yesterday was that I was able to hang out with a good friend of mine named Dakota who had spent the night at my house and stuff. We played fifa and had a good time hanging out before I left this morning at 1 o`clock from Lincoln. At the airport, two unbelievably nice friends of mine named Rachel and Piper met me at the airport before I left. We had a blast discussing things and enjoying the time before I left the plane, went through security and left Nebraska for this time. I am however happy since they claim together with Dakota and others to come visit me in Norway which would be a good time!

That was it for Lincoln, thanks bud for a great year, the city in my heart for sure! I`ll be back and until next time, L-town, have a good one!

After I went through security, I got a nice message, not really…. My flight was delayed 1.5 hrs so my layover in Minneapolis went from 1.5 hrs to 15 minutes once we got 15 back from estimated time. This was hard for me to swallow since I had already swallowed not getting home yesterday but oh well. Swallowed my anger and dealt with it. I got on the plane to Minneapolis, landed at 2:45 and my gate closed at 2:55. I had a 20 minute hike to the gate and as no-one wanted to give me a ride in the golf-car so what do you do? Idk, you run your ass you in your favorite suit and say «screw that Minneapolis airport, Im gonna get to this plane». With this mentality, I sprinted like I was Usain Bolt in the London Olympics or in Rio in 2016. I went from gates section B to gate section 6, a 2 mile walk in 7 freaking minutes. I sprinted the whole time and here I am, sitting in the Boing Delta airplane living the dream. Why you ask? Well, when I hit the cashier counter after getting all yelled out by 3 ladies speaking english with an Asian accent that I didn’t understand, I finally got into this plane. My original seat was full-booked and I had nowhere to sit in the regular plane section economic class. God has a way of working things out you see, like his plan for Christ enabled all of us to everlasting life and gave us the remedy of this world`s sinfulness, he had a plan for me. What do you think happened? He gave me a miracle. 1 seat in the whole plane was open, business class seat 6J. A ticket costing 3000 $ was given to me by Delta airlines for free, the people who pissed me off last night was my help to get home in estimated time. And how is it to sit in first business class on a Delta airplane you ask? Two words: beyond awesome!

I am sitting beside businessmen, rock-artists and anybody else who can afford this. I might be sitting by co-owner Warren Buffet, a guitarist from Aerosmith or somebody else, you would`t know, nor would I, Idk how these people look like. But I am glad for one thing, that I wore my suit. Thanks again Moods of Norway, if I were say a shorts and t-shirt, I would`t have got this seat since I looked like a tourist compared to a businessman. So what`s better about business class? everything! You get a lot of leg space, a bed you can sleep on, a 3-course meal which for me was scampi shrimp, NY strip steak with potatoes and cheesecake.. I repeat, beyond awesome! On top of that, you get free water, coke, newspapers, and ye, I forgot to mention: your own TV with 100s of movies, albums of music, games etc. It`s pretty nice if you paid for it, but so much nicer once it`s for free given to you by Delta Airways! They owed me this after yesterday I think, we`re about even now and they are still my favorite airline for sure! So this is me, Harald Antonsen Overå, a 17 year old boy flying first class with the richie-rich themselves. A good way to end an American adventure with so many memories I think. It worked out, God has given me so many bountiful blessings I am astonished to such a degree, I am speechless! Anyhow, what are you up to? Im enjoying 3000 $ flight I did not pay for in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with memories of L-town in my head. Friends I already miss, it`s insane! It`s gonna be hard to go home, but back home though, the most awesome people are waiting: my family and friends! Here I come Norway, hope you`re ready for me. I am changed in many ways since we last met! I have matured a lot physically, emotionally and spiritually this year. So you`ve waited long, but I am soon home! with stories of a lifetime, memories I can not imagine myself without and with a recklessness in me. This world is created by our merciful father in heaven, so why not explore it a little? I like to travel and I will continue to do so. For now, I will stay for a while in Norway, but I am not done exploring this fallen world to preach about Christ, proclaim specifically how he has changed my life on the cross and has changed yours too. Do you believe in this? I hope so, cause it is essential for your life! Americans and other people met these months, thanks for a great time! Until next time, have a good one and keep believing in Christ. The key to solve this equation we call life in this world!

Norge, hjem snart kommer en eventyrglad Fedagutt! Vær klar for artige historier og en sava bra sommer 🙂 Takk for at du har lest med meg og opplevd Amerika her hos Haraldmeetsworld denne tiden! Jeg har blogget mesteparten av tiden for at dere nordmenn skal ha et innblikk i min hverdag dette året, så håper det var god lesning og at dere har likt det dere har fått servert. Jeg elsket å blogge/wordpresse så takk for denne gang og vi ses snart! Ahota, estoy en un avion en el centro del Oceano Atlantico despues mi viaje de los Estados Unidos. Adios este viaje de yo, tu se llama la vida y nuestro viaje se continuarà en un momento. Noruega es mi destinacciòn para 10 mesos. Hasta luego este viaje, sayonara!


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