Travelling problems (reiseproblemer)

I am now sitting at Lincoln Airport waiting for my plane to arrive. I was suppose to leave yesterday at 5, but due to boarding pass problems, that was not possible and I am still in Lincoln, NE. Right now, I just wanna get home but since this plane is delayed to Minneapolis, I have a plane to catch in Minneapolis. It will be hard with 20 minutes layover. I got scheduled with another flight at 7 in the morning tonight so then I will be home around 3 pm in Norway tomorrow. Isn`t just great? First time travelling alone, half around the world and I got stuck here for two days? I am tired of Delta airways, I wanna get home and prayers would be greatly appreciated. Gotta see the positive in it though, I got a first class ticket on this plane, that`s a first! I will be probably spending 10 hrs in Minneapolis so maybe ill go explore the city, I am not sure yet. Now I gotta catch a plane so see you later, if you`re in Norway, see you on the other side of the atlantic!! 🙂


One thought on “Travelling problems (reiseproblemer)

  1. Never had problems with SkyTeam. Although we never use Delta, we use KLM, due to problems with ears.

    If you need any help let me know. My Mom can possibly help you if its needed.

    Have a safe trip, and i’ll see you when you get home 🙂


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