Back in Norway and future Haraldmeetsworld updates!

Hi people from wherever in the world! I am now home in Norway after an awesome exchange student year in the states! I am in this post gonna discuss how it feels to be home, what I`ve done since I got home and future writing at Haraldmeetsworld. Also some future-school plans so stay tuned for yet another cool post from the roaring Norwegian as I was called at Lincoln-Lutheran at football practices!

Thank you for reading this year I am starting with, I am really honored I am a source of your time so thanks, it means a lot! 🙂 I am now home in Norway, came home wednesday last week. What a joy to be home, understand me right, I had a blast of a year and I wanna thank all americans from friends to a wonderful host family for a heck of a year! It feels good to be home though anyhow, gotta admit that. See friends, family and others again and speak the most awesome language in the world, Norwegian again! As I`m writing, I am listening to white panda (favorite artist/band), two french DJ`s who are sick, but over to the post again! It feels good to be home and staying away for a year has made me realize how much I missed it! US changed my views on the world, I got globalized and Americanized quite a lot but I`ll get Norwegianized again fairly soon! still got jetlag after 6 days so that sucks but oh well! Sorry if it`s an unorganized post but i dont care so much for grammar that much, overrated if you ask me but oh well, thats one guy`s opinion.

Since I got home, I`ve been frankly very busy! Wednesday I got home and slept almost all day but also met family and stuff since I`ve been away for a while.. Thursday I had some good friends over for some tacos and had a good time! 6 of my best friends back home came so it was fun! After that on friday, I went to Oslo for the weekend where I had a good time with my family experiencing the Norwegian capital again.. It`s a nice city Oslo, a chill place to be honest! Encourage non-norwegians to visit if you come to Norway!

Future-writing at Haraldmeetsworld: Hmmm, I am not sure how I´m gonna do it. Felt it was time for a post now so thats why I am writing now.. Give me feedback if you are interested in me continuing writing here so I get a sense of the audience… I will however continue updating on life in Norway for Americans I`ve met this year and others so they can sense how it is back home. I also love blogging/wordpressing, however you say it so I wanna continue. So that was the plan, continue writing so Americans and others.. Give me feedback on what to write about so i dont bore you guys to death about Norwegian geography etc… 🙂 I do love that though! 🙂

Another interesting topic I am including is future-schooling… : I am now done with a US year of High-school and to be darn honest, US beats Norway in my opinion with schooling! I am therefore definitely interested in College in the states but ill get back to that. I am now gonna have a good summer and stuff. Then in fall for a year, I will continue at Drottningborg, a heck of a school I love to death! Best school in Norway and not representative of what I feel of «normal» Norwegian schools, it`s magnificent and awesome there… true story as Barney would have said around the bar-table at Maclaren`s! (How I met your mother reference) I am thinking seriously however after that about colleges in the states and the sky is the limit on this field! I have considered a lot of options, I got preferences and so does my parents. However, it is kinda chill to have worked pretty darn hard this year so I got a lot of selection if I continue the hard work this next school-year! Now I will keep my college-choices secret so you can get a kick out of guessing which ones it will be. I got 3 good options but we`ll see if I land on that or maybe Norway too? Idk yet…

So thats a new post and please give me some feedback folks, it would help a lot and thanks for reading and remember the essential, keep your Belief in Christ! The king of kings and reason for the reason, my remedy, savior and best friend! stay cool folks and keep showin interest in Haraldmeetsworld! 🙂


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