Life in Norway – summer 2013

Good day world! I am doing fine, thanks for asking. It has been quite a while since my last post, mostly since I have been lazy since I returned to Norway but oh well. How are everyone doing? I am fine, living at Feda in summer enjoying beautiful scenery and nice surroundings! I have also started working since last time which is kinda fun. I work at a local traditional place called «Bøkkerbua» where they used to make barrels for fish/herring earlier and now it is a tourist site mostly. It is a nice enviroment to work in and I work with my brother Hans Magnus there monday to friday, 10 to 4.

Since I arrived in Norway, I have not done a lot. But I have been relaxing, took a trip to Oslo and some stuff and have been chilling with some awesome norwegians. Played a lot of soccer too! I also catched the new Superman movie, was fairly good, not the best but okay!

I want to encourage you guys who want, to give some feedback on what to write about in these posts, regarding Norway and stuff like that! Give me some feedback!


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